Icon Packs and Banners – March 30th #Fringe Twitter Event

We are continuous delighted when we receive the icon packs because we know Fringies are equally excited to use them during our Friday Twitter Events. Here they are for the March 30th #Fringe event!

We have FOUR wonderful sets from FOUR different contributors this week:


Examples from @Cheribot:


Download Cheri’s icons here – CYW – Cheribot.zip

Examples from @SarahProost:


Download Sarah’s icons here – CYW – SP.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Download Ian’s icons here – CYW – zort70.zip

Examples from @michisuzette:


Download Michi’s icons here – CYW- MS.zip

Examples from @PietroVescovo:


Download Pietro’s icons here – CYW_PV1.zip

Also, @frozenaura created the following banners to help spread the word about the campaigns:

And a really cool Fringe cake too! Thanks to @CryptImaging!


Thank you again to all the artists who donate their time and effort to get these icons and banners out for Fringe fandom. Time to Change our World this Friday and ensure Fringe stays with us for another season.


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