#WhereYouBelong – Fringies come back strong on Twitter and GetGlue Campaigns — 23 Comments

  1. This is just so amazing! I’m proud to be a Fringe fan and proud to be a part of the weekly efforts! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible…we are being heard!!!

  2. What’s so cool about these events, besides getting awareness up, is that they’re just SUCH GREAT FUN. It’s like having a big Fringe-watching party!

    Incredible results. I’m so tickled to have participated! Congrats to all #Fringe fans!

  3. @FoxBroadcasting @FringeonFox @VanCityJax @JWFringe @Fringenuity FRINGE FANDOM HAS TAKEN DOMINION OVER TWITTER!

  4. I’ve been browsing the archives and I discovered Fringe Event Business, which I think is a fantastic initiative. Sponsors pay for the show and allow us to get our much-needed dose of Fringe awesome every week. I think it’s a great idea to show Fox and its advertisers and sponsors tangible proof that Fringe fans, by extension, support the businesses that support our show. I’m an international fan, so a lot of the US companies that advertise are not directly relevant to me. However, many of the larger brands like Apple have an intl presence. I am an Apple junkie, and I know I’m going to be sending Apple a jolly little pic of my Apple products and I watching Fringe together, with a note explaining how happy I am that they help sustain such a fantastic show and how glad I am to consume products from such a company.

  5. I definitely think bringing back Fringe Event Business would be good idea. Given that you now must have a lot more loyal followers including International ones it could be a great success with a bit of a push/campaign from you guys. I know as a UK Fan myself, it can be frustrating to not be able to help with regard to the ratings. This way would be able to include everyone somehow or another whilst also benefiting the show too?

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