For the Archives – Promo Vids for #WhereYouBelong


While three quarters of the Fringenuity team were in Los Angeles for WonderCon, we let a few things slip by us – chief among them posting these wonderful #WhereYouBelong promo videos to our home site. Really, really sorry about that you guys. Even though it’s after the fact, I wanted to post them here for the record, and to illustrate our deep appreciation for all the efforts of those who work tirelessly to make Fringenuity what it is. I’ve been doing some archiving, and the correlation between these promo vids and the success of the campaigns is unmistakeable; the more videos, the more the word spreads, and the more impact we make. So better late than never, right? Thanks vidders, for all your hard work!


Promo Vid #1 – @dalliel:


Promo Vid #2 – @gillybee66:


Promo Vid #3 – @Fringeship:


Promo Vid #4 – @bubblevillefan:


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