For the Archives – Promo Vids for #WhereYouBelong

  While three quarters of the Fringenuity team were in Los Angeles for WonderCon, we let a few things slip by us – chief among them posting these wonderful #WhereYouBelong promo videos to our home site. Really, really sorry about … Continue reading

#WhereYouBelong – Fringies come back strong on Twitter and GetGlue Campaigns

Screencap obtained from Truly, the best experience on Friday March 23rd, 2012 during the airing of “A Short Story About Love” was watching tweet reactions as fans witnessed the #WhereYouBelong tag on the bottom right corner of the screen … Continue reading

Icon Packs, Banners and Cake – March 23rd #Fringe Twitter Event

The icon packs are nothing short of awesome for the March 23rd #Fringe twitter event! We have three wonderful sets from three wonderful artists: Examples from @Cheribot:     Download Cheri’s icons here – WYB – Examples from @SarahProost:     Download … Continue reading

Twitter Event: Where You Belong 03/23/12 – Watching #Fringe Live!

  The hiatus is over, and there are EIGHT new episodes that will air uninterrupted to finish out this epic season four. The Fringenuity team has returned from WonderCon! The Fringe (and Alcatraz) panel was amazing. We were lucky to … Continue reading