A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results! — 11 Comments

  1. Congrats to the winners, all the organizers and participants, many of the contributions have been very good.
    I am a little disappointed, though. I sent six and none is in the list *resigned sight*.

    • You are absolutely right! After I read your comment I did some looking and found some I missed. The post has been edited with the rest of them – I’m glad you said something!

      I only found 3 of yours though….if they were over/under the limit, they may have been culled from the list. 🙁

  2. I really, really, really want a Fringe-themed Little Lytton contest. The basic premise: “Your task is to write the beginning of an imaginary novel. Your goal is to make it hilariously bad.” I have an “in” with birdandbear (if you know what i mean) and will harass her mercilessly until this becomes a thing.

  3. My personal top 10 picks (no particular order)
    @berry_hearts: He loved her first, second, and third.
    @sercanerdogan: She loved him, when he didn’t exist.
    @sara_newell: Your glasses make you sexy, mine magnify.
    @haliiscoolbeans: Time, space are variables; love a constant
    @bubblevillefan: I came, I saw and I dunhammed. (veni, vidi, pernavi?)
    @thisislaranda: Faux Olivia fell hard for him too.
    @imnocounterfeit: He interfered it. The boy was important. (somebody a word but i like it)
    @rogue_noir: it’s Love In The Time Of Amber
    @imnocounterfeit: Another universe, yet she could feel him.
    @wikiaddicted723: Words fail, skin is all they need

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