A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results!


A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results!


EDIT: Please scroll to the bottom to read!!


There’s a story in which Ernest Hemingway and friends were sitting around one evening, being all writery, when a bet was made as to whether a story could be told in less than 10 words. The others scoffed but Hemingway was certain, and once the money was on the table he settled the bet with haunting finality, scribbling the following quickly on a napkin:

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

While the validity of the legend may be in dispute, the point – that brevity can be more powerful than a thousand words – is elegantly illustrated, and since Fringies are nothing if not creative, we decided to have some fun with it.

And boy did we ever! Inspired by the title of A Short Story About Love, we decided to give you guys an extra word to make it a little more (or less, depending on your viewpoint) challenging. Seven little words to tell us something about love in the time of Amber. And the responses were amazing; some were sweet, some sad, some hilarious – it quickly became apparent that judging on merit alone was going to be nigh impossible, and so early on we decided to select our favorites and then “draw” winners from there.

Once we eliminated all the retweets, casual banter, and invalid
( less/more than seven words) entries, we were left with just over 500 entries. Our criteria for initial judging included:

  1. Success in conveying an idea or emotion
  2. Overall creativity
  3. Elegance in execution
  4. A clear association with Fringe    *see edit*


So we were all set to start, and then this really cool thing happened….


A few weeks ago Joel Wyman dropped by Twitter to chat with us for awhile, the subject of the contest came up, and and Kristen (@FraggleBerlin) jokingly asked if he’d like to judge. His response? “Yeah! How would I?”

After we picked our jaws up off the floor we decided it would be easiest if we gave him a range of eligible numbers and then had him “draw” (read “choose random numbers”) from that pool. Based on the guidelines above, we narrowed it down to 113 solid entries, and last Thursday, Joel delighted and honored us all by doing just that. Joel’s random numbers were: “7, 28, 54, 67, 89, 110.” And I had so much fun tweeting the winners live…

Here are those very lucky winners once again:

#7: @zftnation – “Two orphaned souls found home in another.”
#28: @fringeobsessed1 – “Man takes all keys, saves his woman.”
#54: @sophiecamason – “A boy borrowed. Becomes stolen. For her.”
#67: @cortexifan -“‘Asterisk.” Wrong again, but she just smiled.”
#89: @Supyro – “They crossed universes to find each other.”
#110: @berry_hearts – “She loved the bugs. And him. oops.”

A heartfelt congratulations to all of them!!

And now, as promised, here is the complete list of all entries for your enjoyment, starting with our 113. Every entry was unique, and narrowing down wasn’t at all easy. But don’t worry, it seems like everyone had a blast with this one, and I’d bet we’ll be doing this again somertime. 😉

Here are the final 113, organized by timestamp just before the drawing.

  1. @wikiaddicted23:  She no longer felt alone, with him.
  2. @imnocounterfeit:  He could smell it. It was bacon.
  3. @wikiaddicted723:  Olivia admired him, long before Love came.
  4. @zftnation:  He found home in her green eyes.
  5. @wikiaddicted723:  In her eyes, Peter was home. Always.
  6. @wikiaddicted723:  Olivia had him, she needed nothing else
  7. @zftnation:  Two orphaned souls found home in another.
  8. @zftnation:  The road less traveled led to her.
  9. @nonifbc:  Love stories last more than 7 words…
  10. @marieme27:  In any timeline I can recognize you
  11. @blazingphoenix1:  They’re here, it’s now, there’s nothing else.
  12. @katherinejoycey:  You’re Gonna Be Fine, He promised her
  13. @EmilysPoste:  “Sweetheart”, he goaded. Later, he meant it.
  14. @justliiv:  Their love is undeniable, indisputable and beautiful.
  15. @riskywolfe:  He became a better man for her
  16. @fraggleberlin:  Abused … orphaned … betrayed … abducted … trapped …        rescued … beloved!
  17. @fraggleberlin:  Boy and girl in a tulip field.
  18. @riskywolfe:  Home is wherever she happens to be
  19. @fraggleberlin:  The father’s eyes first seeing his child
  20. @justliiv:  Those feelings were real. They still are.
  21. @blazingphoenix1:  In the world, love shows the way
  22. @_cisco:  “This is your son” Olivia wept happily
  23. @alt_liz:  Perception Is Only A Matter Of Love
  24. @emo1281:  He was only supposed to stay temporarily.
  25. @cheribot:  Kissed Her. Didn’t know she had boyfriend.
  26. @riskywolfe:  Two Universes. Two Olivias. Only one choice.
  27. @_cisco:  “Tell me again” “I love you Olivia”
  28. @fringeobsessed1:  Man takes all keys, saves his woman.
  29. @blazingphoenix1:  Love drives us to do many things
  30. @riskywolfe:  Peter, Walter Bishop’s Greatest Love of all
  31. @riskywolfe:  Love is the bridge that connected Universes
  32. @junereignsfast:  One look and I know it’s you
  33. @fringeobsessed1:  Son lost. Another found. Saved. Cherish him.
  34. @riskywolfe:  Fringe; love, inspiration, faith, family overcoming impossibilities
  35. @riskywolfe:  All paths lead back where they began
  36. @kaj112:  God forgave you, so can I Walter
  37. @cortexifan:  Words weren’t needed.  Their eyes expressed everything.
  38. @wistful_:  Peter gave his father his lucky coin
  39. @wistful_:  He destroyed universes for his only son.
  40. @wistful_:  Though she forgot, he guided her home
  41. @wistful_:  It was Friday, so they ordered Damiano’s.
  42. @missnett1:  Love taken. Love found. Walter. Peter. Olivia.
  43. @cortexifan:  Memories replaced But She held onto him
  44. @haliiscoolbeans:  Risk losing all to save what’s lost
  45. @cortexifan:  Olivia. With a gun.  Turns him on.
  46. @missnett1:  Peter looks. Olivia smiles. “Together we’re beautiful”
  47. @agentpolivia:  Where there is love, there is pain
  48. @katherinejoycey:  Forgetting her memories but never forgetting him
  49. @tmbshelley:  In times of need he was there.
  50. @riskywolfe:  Two Fathers. One Son. Both Loved Him.
  51. @riskywolfe:  Twice he crossed the line for Peter
  52. @imnocounterfeit:  It wasn’t her, he could see it.
  53. @thebrotherscain:  Soulmates on opposite sides of two dimensions.
  54. @sophiecamason:  A boy borrowed. Becomes stolen. For her.
  55. @sujeto13:  He has to live to marry her
  56. @sydneyfd:  Sacrificing himself for the people he loves
  57. @gmcsf:  Darling Mister Papaya, they blew you up!
  58. @helen_norwood:  sleepless nights for the love of fringe
  59. @thisislaranda:  What he loves is in her doppelganger.
  60. @thisislaranda:  His true love waits a universe away.
  61. @thisislaranda:  Peter only wants to be with Olivia.
  62. @cortexifan:  Holding hands, Polivia valiantly approached The Machine
  63. @cortexifan:  And together, They made goodness. The end.
  64. @cortexifan:  he remembers everything.  But is she his?
  65. @cortexifan:  She watched Little sweet Ella Sleeping soundlessly
  66. @camyshe:  Peter, my love. We can do this.
  67. @cortexifan:  “Asterisk” Wrong again, but she just smiled
  68. @runpaceyrun:  Walter, Elizabeth, Peter, heartbreak, separation, Olivia, family
  69. @fringeobsessed1:  Blonde hair, green eyes, brand his soul.
  70. @blazingphoenix1:  Love has no end. It just begins.
  71. @dlsimplymel:  He came back for her. For Them.
  72. @alt_liz:  A Life Spent Searching, Home Found Him.
  73. @alt_liz:  “Do you love him?” He asked broken
  74. @wistful_:  She sang her little nugget to sleep
  75. @jennysongs:  “I forgave you a long time ago”
  76. @haliiscoolbeans:  Risking irrevocable destruction for one beloved son¬†¬†
  77. @haliiscoolbeans:  Love trumps time, space, universes, and destruction
  78. @imnocounterfeit:  Come back Peter, you belong with me
  79. @sara_newell:  Your glasses make you sexy, mine magnify.
  80. @cortexifan:  Sunrises.  Pancakes. Naked Tuesdays.  Yes, he’s home.
  81. @cortexifan:  Memories fading ’bout a “mother” she loved
  82. @camyshe:  You’re gonna be fine. I’m  here, always.
  83. @elodierioult:  He saw her, She saw him and …
  84. @greyandsmart:  A Boy. A Man. Struggling. Together again.
  85. @greyandsmart:  Hazel eyes. Sympathetic. Walter’s secret love: Gene.
  86. @nonifbc:  Thinking about him when she is alone
  87. @gillybee66:  Animosity, admiration some flirting and then love
  88. @_cisco:   “I actually do like being called sweetheart”
  89. @supyro:  They crossed universes to find each other.
  90. @nicholas_dw:  Olivia… Peter… A love that crosses universes.
  91. @spersephone:  Olivia meets Peter, Universes torn apart…Collusion!
  92. @passerbya2:  Peter, the nomad, finally finds home – family.
  93. @fringebutterfly:  In his arms, she is again complete.
  94. @cortexifan:  Lingering looks; smiles.  Moment shared,  Forever treasured.
  95. @br00k3rz:  Love Knows No Bounds, Love is Love
  96. @br00k3rz:  A father’s love does not see consequences.
  97. @imnocounterfeit:  Hearing “Aunt Liv” made it all better
  98. @bostonredvines:  Observe endless love.  Peter, Olivia – across Universes.
  99. @cortexifan:  He’s sort of the reason I’m here
  100. @pwnica:  Music’s colors finally glimmer through her eyes
  101. @myvogonpoetry:  She was perfect. but she wasn’t his.
  102. @neongreen78:  A bench, many looks, some corpses, kiss.
  103. @sercanerdogan:  She loved him, when he didn’t exist.
  104. @berry_hearts:  Love’s not a scream, it’s a whisper
  105. @berry_hearts:  She takes her coffee, two sugars, black.
  106. @berry_hearts:  Love is Fishing Trips and Blueberry Pancakes
  107. @goldenmonkey7:  Shimmering, once found, turns into eternal love.
  108. @berry_hearts:  He loved her first, second, and third.
  109. @berry_hearts:  Loving him was not in the plan
  110. @berry_hearts:  She loved the bugs. And him. Oops.
  111. @elimoncia:  Two children holding hands among white tulips.
  112. @myvogonpoetry:  She completes me. What is her Name? (#Astrid*)
  113. @abike_dei:  You’re here now. That’s all that matters.
*Editor’s note – I took out the rest of the hashtags, but left this one in for clarity.

And here are the rest, in no particular order:

  1. @rogue_noir:   It’s Love In The Time Of Amber
  2. @jennysongs:  “An imprint that can never be erased”
  3. @jennysongs:  “And so I came back for you”
  4. @scaperanya:  “Don’t say I never took you anywhere”
  5. @polivias:  “For once in my life” she sings
  6. @cortexifan:  “I care about you” Peter unconsciously confessed
  7. @jennysongs:  “I want to hear you say it”
  8. @imnocounterfeit:  “I want what you want” she said
  9. @jennysongs:  “I was important to you wasn’t I?”
  10. @_cisco:  “I’ll die for you” he whispers softly
  11. @jennysongs:  “I’m scared, I want to come home”
  12. @imnocounterfeit:  “My son, it’s you Peter” Elizabeth said
  13. @jennysongs:  “To have a hole in my life”
  14. @imnocounterfeit:  “You are such a nugget” she said
  15. @jennysongs:  “You’ve just been given a second chance”
  16. @diznee1:  We met. We loved. Taken too soon!
  17. @kaj112:  4 universes, 2 people, 1 fate. Polivia!
  18. @thisislaranda:  A love for a son never met.
  19. @thisislaranda:  Defiant of science for his sick son!
  20. @thisislaranda:  Entered to save the one he couldn’t.
  21. @thisislaranda:  Faux Olivia fell hard for him too.
  22. @kaj112:  He’s like a father figure to you
  23. @bubblevillefan:  I came, I saw and I dunhammed.
  24. @thisislaranda:  In what universe will Peter’s love survive?
  25. @runpaceyrun:  Peacoated Peter Bishop, Love at First Sight
  26. @thisislaranda:  Peter’s love keeps Walter from going insane!
  27. @thisislaranda:  The laws of nature can’t stop them.
  28. @thisislaranda:  Through time September traveled to save him.
  29. @fringealltheway:  Timelines aren’t barriers for a true love.
  30. @ilovejoshuanna:  Walter’s love brought Peter and Olivia together.
  31. @bostonredvines:  Desperate, Walter walks unwisely over thin ice.
  32. @missnett1:  Love taken. Love found. Walter. Peter. Olivia.
  33. @bostonredvines:  Peter lost in time, holds Olivia’s hand.
  34. @bostonredvines:  Astrid’s alternate ascends as an Asperger’s angel.
  35. @shnickyfans123:  my love for fringe doesn’t have words
  36. @janeawilson2:  September will die to save true love!
  37. @bostonredvines:  Thirty days…September, April, June – who’s November?!!
  38. @jenniferalls1:  Your eyes penetrate through to my soul
  39. @fringedivision9:  Seeing the very soul in her eyes
  40. @bostonredvines:  Observe endless love. Peter, Olivia – across Universes.
  41. @camyshe:  Don’t worry, we’ll always have each other.
  42. @camyshe:  Every couple has one, it’s called love.
  43. @camyshe:  Eyes meet eyes, stomach feels like butterflies.
  44. @camyshe:  Get up sunshine~ My beautiful wife Olivia.
  45. @camyshe:  Hands clasped together, walking side by side.
  46. @sara_newell:  No sandwich is too weird, love Walter.
  47. @_thisistiffany:  Peter lives. September says “You Are Important”
  48. @camyshe:  Polivia – a perfect match made in heaven.
  49. @camyshe:  Polivia are happy by tangling together forever.
  50. @camyshe:  Polivia pronounced each other, husband and wife.
  51. @camyshe:  When the worlds collide, Polivia tangled forever
  52. @sara_newell:  You drowned in the lake. Love always.
  53. @cheribot:  3AM Coffee Date No Show. Thanks, Nina.
  54. @riskywolfe:  A Father’s pure love crossed both Universes
  55. @berry_hearts:  A T-Shirt in her laundry changes everything
  56. @sydneyfd:  A white tulip as sign of forgiveness
  57. @sujeto13:  A White Tulip is all he needs
  58. @imnocounterfeit:  A white tulip. He was finally forgiven.
  59. @imnocounterfeit:  All he needed was some Red Vines.
  60. @imnocounterfeit:  All he wanted was to go home.
  61. @noz4a2:  All Is Fair In Love And Fringe
  62. @katherinejoycey:  Altering every Universe, to be with her
  63. @imnocounterfeit:  And he fell right into her vagenda.
  64. @justliiv:  And it ended with ‘Wish me luck’
  65. @imnocounterfeit:  And she looked great in that dress.
  66. @kaelity:  And together, toast and bacon made goodness.
  67. @berry_hearts:  And yet he’s been inside her mind
  68. @imnocounterfeit:  Another universe, yet she could feel him.
  69. @jophan_c:  Appreciating nude Dad’s banana pancakes and conversation.
  70. @katherinejoycey:  Astrid. More than a babysitter, to him
  71. @riskywolfe:  Astro and Wally. Friendship. Love. Family Strength
  72. @zftnation:  At her cross-universal admissions, worlds collided.
  73. @imnocounterfeit:  Be a better man than your father.
  74. @itsmemarrid:  Be loved – feel home in every universe
  75. @_cisco:  Believe in love and it will happen!
  76. @alt_liz:  Belly and Nina sitting in a tree…
  77. @riskywolfe:  Between Universes and Time love shown through
  78. @camyshe:  Blue meets green = Two worlds collide = Love
  79. @robvenger:  Blueberry pancakes or strawberry milkshake? Love both…
  80. @berry_hearts:  Bouquet: white tulips, the ring: his mother’s.
  81. @fringeobsessed1:  Bovine with a soul magnet, my Gene.
  82. @riskywolfe:  Coming together building a bridge of hope.
  83. @sydneyfd:  Cross the line to save your loved
  84. @cortexifan:  Dearest root beer float, Walter misses you!
  85. @haliiscoolbeans:  Defying orders as an observer for love
  86. @justliiv:  Destiny’s strength defies the law of physics.
  87. @haliiscoolbeans:  Devoting all for the father once hated
  88. @riskywolfe:  Doing everything he can to get back
  89. @jakesoblivion:  Either lose your partner or your universe.
  90. @imnocounterfeit:  Even a universe can’t stop their love.
  91. @imnocounterfeit:  Every timeline, he would fall for her.
  92. @zftnation:  Everything tried stopping their love; all failed.
  93. @riskywolfe:  Everytime he held her she felt safe.
  94. @berry_hearts:  Eyes are just windows to the soul
  95. @abike_dei:  Fall in love and save the world. .
  96. @sydneyfd:  Falling in love makes you really exist
  97. @madwmnofchicago:  Fear. Longing. Forgiveness. Hope. Love. White Tulips.
  98. @justliiv:  Field. Iraq. Tank. Glimmer. LSD. Bourbon. Polivia.
  99. @tmbshelley:  Fighting Resisting Imagining Needing Giving into Ecstasy!
  100. @katherinejoycey:  Fighting herself in more ways than one
  101. @imnocounterfeit:  Fraternal love: Astrid and Walter knew it.
  102. @thebrotherscain:  Gene loved Walter. And Walter loved Gene.
  103. @janeawilson2:  Gene only has cow eyes for Walter!
  104. @haliiscoolbeans:  Giving up possible happiness for real Olivia
  105. @haliiscoolbeans:  Glimpse of the truth, must find her
  106. @madwmnofchicago:  Goodbye, Shirtless Frank. We hardly knew you.
  107. @eskimoguitarist:  He believed she was gonna be fine.
  108. @imnocounterfeit:  He crossed the line for him again.
  109. @osmosis05:  He defied life’s limitations to save him’
  110. @tehjams:  He forgets her name, she still cares
  111. @blazingphoenix1:  He held her hand, and she, his.
  112. @imnocounterfeit:  He interfered it. The boy was important.
  113. @monibolis:  He left to another Universe, broken hearted
  114. @that_karen:  He loves me, he loves me not
  115. @thebrotherscain:  He only found her.. through the wormhole.
  116. @imnocounterfeit:  He saw happiness in that strawberry milkshake.
  117. @justliiv:  He thought that she was you, Olivia.
  118. @cortexifan:  He thought Walter’s unforgivable. But love abounded
  119. @thecrudpuppy:  He was not lonely but needed her anyway
  120. @frozenaura:  He’d rip the world apart for her.
  121. @riskywolfe:  Her memories were lost, but his remained.
  122. @wikiaddicted723:  His eyes wore promises, all for her
  123. @berry_hearts:  His mind, her brain, they are unstoppable.
  124. @wikiaddicted723:  His world was chaos, she became life
  125. @berry_hearts:  How did she always end up losing?
  126. @cortexifan:  I love you Do you love me?
  127. @madwmnofchicago:  I want what you want… strawberry milkshake.
  128. @madwmnofchicago:  I’d trip on LSD to save you.
  129. @alternakat:  If you love somebody set them free.
  130. @jakesoblivion:  I’m on my way to believe it.
  131. @zftnation:  In those transient glances, she felt whole.
  132. @justliiv:  It began with a white tulip field.
  133. @zftnation:  Knight in shining armor? Man in peacoat.
  134. @wombat06:  Late night diner dates. Coffee and conversations.
  135. @birdandbear:  Laughing, Grandpa Walter pushes the swing higher.   *
  136. @sophiecamason:  Looking into your eyes. You’re not her.
  137. @riskywolfe:  Losing memories didn’t matter, she had him
  138. @haliiscoolbeans:  Love able to defy the minds comprehension
  139. @sujeto13:  Love all versions of the same woman
  140. @br00k3rz:  Love crosses universes no matter the danger.
  141. @tmbshelley:  Love follows the lovers through their eyes
  142. @riskywolfe:  Love Happened when he crossed the line.
  143. @fraggleberlin:  Love is just a matter of universes.
  144. @helen_norwood:  Love is smoke brown betty with Walter
  145. @itsmemarrid:  Love is the answer of every question
  146. @sydneyfd:  Love is when see light from darkness
  147. @helen_norwood:  Love is when Walter Bishop is naked
  148. @sydneyfd:  Love is when you get White Tulip
  149. @alternakat:  Love not despite flaws but for them.
  150. @celli_90:  Love overcomes walls, even those between universes!
  151. @haliiscoolbeans:  Love so impenetrable observers could not separate
  152. @sujeto13:  Love so powerful to break a universe
  153. @haliiscoolbeans:  Love so strong it defies all reason
  154. @riskywolfe:  love so strong, crossed over every impossibility
  155. @riskywolfe:  Love the answer that healed both worlds
  156. @gloryisben:  Loved him but he left this timeline.
  157. @berry_hearts:  Maybe her heart was made from amber…
  158. @berry_hearts:  Maybe his heart was on his sleeve.
  159. @alex_digs:  Me and my coffee in the morning
  160. @yamilaburguener:  Meet. catch some murders. fall in love.
  161. @madwmnofchicago:  Memory or dream? Time trapped in amber.
  162. @cortexifan:  My Gene, Let’s concoct Delicious chocolate milk!
  163. @helen_norwood:  Naked on Tuesday and cooking with love
  164. @riskywolfe:  Naked Tuesdays. Blueberry Pancakes. LSD Induced mornings.
  165. @scaperanya:  Nothing says love like a strawberry milkshake.
  166. @vsercanerdogan:  Observers were there, to observe their love.
  167. @jenshideler:  Olivia remembered Peter, and they were happy.
  168. @kaelity:  Olivia, the tank, her alternate and I.
  169. @imnocounterfeit:  Once in her life she had someone.
  170. @zftnation:  Once, man saved boy; decades later, reciprocity.
  171. @sarahproost:  Our love is affecting our worlds reality.
  172. @wombat06:  Pancakes and root beer floats; he’s happy.
  173. @cortexifan:  Pastry is best way to Walter’s heart
  174. @skyangel5452:  Perfect match you, me, bacon and booze!
  175. @tvnut014:  Peter and Olivia make love multiple times.
  176. @chrisbobbacon:  Peter and Olivia sitting in a universe
  177. @jo_jo_beans_:  Peter and Olivia: When two worlds collide.
  178. @angelahebe:  Peter belong only to the his Olivia.
  179. @wikiaddicted723:  Peter stayed, She made him want to
  180. @jakesoblivion:  Peter, I rather the universe than food.
  181. @riskywolfe:  Peter. Olivia. Astro. Elizabeth. Belly. Nina. Family.
  182. @pizzawitjo:  Polivia: To the stairs and lights out.
  183. @riskywolfe:  Pushing fear aside she returned his love
  184. @camyshe:  Real is just a matter of perception
  185. @cortexifan:  Red vine a day Makes Walter gay.
  186. @agent_linc_lee:  Red vines and music is Walter’s love
  187. @haliiscoolbeans:  Redemption, forgiveness, a fathers love: white tulip
  188. @kaelity:  Redvines, toast and bacon: the perfect family!
  189. @haliiscoolbeans:  Releasing happiness to reveal your true love
  190. @haliiscoolbeans:  Ripping apart time and space for love
  191. @justliiv:  Root beer floats, Redvines and blue candyfloss.
  192. @katherinejoycey:  Seeing him glimmer and saving their world
  193. @haliiscoolbeans:  Seeing what he wanted, desperate for her
  194. @fringebutterfly:  September changed everything. He must go home.
  195. @riskywolfe:  She allowed love to take the lead
  196. @berry_hearts:  She forgot, he fought for their love.
  197. @imnocounterfeit:  She just smiled and guided him upstairs.
  198. @wistful_:  She loved him; love brought him back
  199. @wikiaddicted23:  She no longer felt alone, with him
  200. @wikiaddicted723:  She no longer felt alone, with him
  201. @zftnation:  She traded deceitful kisses for her Universe.
  202. @thebrotherscain:  She was the epitome of his love.
  203. @imnocounterfeit:  She was there. Love was the answer.
  204. @berry_hearts:  She’s not his girlfriend, she’s his partner.
  205. @passerbya2:  Smart, contradictory, tricky but caring – her type.
  206. @cortexifan:  Smiling shyly, Olivia determinedly lead him upstairs
  207. @zftnation:  So they became Dr./Mrs.Frankenstein Jr.
  208. @riskywolfe:  Soul Mates. Soul Magnet. Peter and Olivia
  209. @madwmnofchicago:  Stop. Time. Then. Now. Where were we?
  210. @katherinejoycey:  The Boy is important, especially to her.
  211. @alt_liz:  The Love Of A Father, Universes Collide
  212. @katherinejoycey:  The only constant, who everyone loves, Gene
  213. @_cisco:  The rarest compound of all is love!
  214. @thebrotherscain:  Their eternal love is a cosmological constant.
  215. @berry_hearts:  Their love breaks our hearts and theirs
  216. @riskywolfe:  Their strength came from each other’s love
  217. @taaascha:  They cross universes to save their love
  218. @thebrotherscain:  They lived as they’d met… with passion.
  219. @aimeeinchains:  They lived happily ever after. The End.           *
  220. @passerbya2:  They sat together, eating pancakes Walter made.
  221. @wombat06:  They’re best friends; he hopes for more.
  222. @haliiscoolbeans:  Throwing away a possible future for Henry
  223. @wikiaddicted723:  Time never mattered, if he felt her
  224. @haliiscoolbeans:  Time, space are variables; love a constant
  225. @wikiaddicted723:  Time, The Universe: Inconsequential. Peter had her.
  226. @mickeyb0nes:  Toast and Bacon always go good together.
  227. @pizzawitjo:  Toast takes time, but it’s worth it.
  228. @sydneyfd:  Travel back in time to save her
  229. @barsriel:  Two Olivias. One Peter. Deal with it.
  230. @_cisco:  Two’s company, three’s a crowd! Sorry Altlivia!
  231. @zort70:  Universes are joined, soul mates are reunited
  232. @br00k3rz:  Universes can’t part their one true love
  233. @justliiv:  Universes cannot keep them apart, love conquers.
  234. @justliiv:  Universes collide but their love remains strong.
  235. @berry_hearts:  Us holding hands with yours in mine
  236. @wordsofwalter  Walter Bishop’s love of food. Who’s hungry?
  237. @wikiaddicted723:  Walter had loved him. He still did.
  238. @kaelity:  Walter love’s for redvines beat all odds.
  239. @wistful_:   Walter pondered, then created the perfect milkshake.
  240. @nicholas_dw:  Walter… Red Vines… One bag isn’t enough.
  241. @myvogonpoetry:  We connected and then she shape shifted.
  242. @wombat06:  Whatever time or universe, she was home.
  243. @zftnation:  Where Elizabeth’s love began ended her life.
  244. @haliiscoolbeans:  Willing to lose everything for whats lost
  245. @taaascha:  Without Peter there would be no love
  246. @wikiaddicted723:  Words fail, skin is all they need
  247. @zftnation:  World of tempestuousness, he was her calm.
  248. @madwmnofchicago:  You belong with me. But which me?
  249. @zftnation:  You had me at, “Olivia Dunham, FBI”
  250. @babydunham:  You’re okay, you’re going to be fine…
  251. @jakesoblivion:  Your alter ego has an alter ego.
 *Judges – these tweets were ineligible and just for fun.

And speaking of just for fun, (and because you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to manually format excel files for wordpress) here’s a few more I came up with while working on this post today…

  • Wife and father laughing; this is home.
  • Music and cookie fumes fill the lab.
  • No amount of whiskey brings him back.
  • Astrid’s happy tears dampen Olivia’s forgotten bouquet.
  • Family smells of chemistry, bovine, and shampoo.
  • Red hair, laughing eyes…..can’t sleep again.
  • “Mom.” But she’s not, and he knows.
  • He’s my son. Walter – I finally understand.
  • Moo moo moooooo moo mooooooo moo moo.
  • Gentle breeze caressing your hair; lucky breeze…
  • Fringe fans changed their world for love.

I could do this all day. This format is so much fun!! I hope you all had as much fun reading them as we did. I did the best I could to make sure there are no duplicates in the lists above, and I sincerely hope I left nothing out. Any typos or mistakes are all mine. Thanks for your patience through this whole judging process (but wasn’t it worth the wait!?) and the delayed report post.

You guys are so cool. *hugs*



Okay. My very VERY bad…

Thanks very much to @SugusMari for pointing out that some of her entries weren’t listed above. Her comment made me go back and check, and I found some tweets I lost last night. I’m not good with spreadsheets. I did a crazy amount of manual editing, formatting, removing hashtags and other miscellany. I was using a combined total of about a dozen different notepads, spreadsheets and editors all at once, and when I went back today I found a chunk of entries way at the bottom of a spreadsheet, where I’d deleted everything above it.

Let me be very clear on this: All of these entries were counted, and none of them made the finals. But I promised I’d post all of the entries, and so here they are. 😉

If you still can’t find your tweet, I should also note that we discounted anything racy, several obvious jokes, and a number of tweets (apparently from non-Fringies) that had nothing at all to do with Fringe. I’ve also changed the number above to reflect the ones I misplaced.

Really sorry about the mistake guys. :\

  1. @wikiaddicted723:  It was simple really…home was always her
  2. @riskywolfe:  Fringe: equation of love, home and Fringenuity
  3. @dalliel:  He saw his soulmate in her eyes     *
  4. @dalliel:  “You belong with me” she promised him     *
  5. @marieme27:  Fringies that give everything for their show
  6. @fraggleberlin:  I just need one word – it’s POlivia!
  7. @taychill:     Mind-blowing fucking amazing epicness – that’s Fringe!
  8. @_cisco:     Fringe is like a profoundly intoxicating substance!
  9. @taychill:     Astro. Asterix. Astringent. Astral. Aspirin. Ostrich. Astrid.
  10. @kaj112:     He was born to the wrong Olivia
  11. @camyshe:  Where’s Anna Torv living? In my heart.
  12. @tmbshelley:  Gene, Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles, Nina!
  13. @gaby__luv:  When the toast girl met bacon boy
  14. @letitplayout:  To thine own Red Vines be true
  15. @runpaceyrun:  Vancouver, Fringe, A Match Made In Heaven
  16. @savefringefox:  This restaurant makes his favorite strawberry milkshake
  17. @imnocounterfeit:  I just want her back. My Olivia.
  18. @imnocounterfeit:  I love you more than bacon Olivia.
  19. @ameliatornatore:  Olivia and Peter will make cute babies.
  20. @ameliatornatore:  You are the toast to my bacon.
  21. @gmcsf:  It Has Arrived my love for Fringe.
  22. @justliiv: Peter in a Pea coat? YES PLEASE!
  23. @rogue_noir:  F.relling R.omance I.s N.ever G.onna E.nd
  24. @cortexifan:  “Missed you” Walter thought , Sipping root beer
  25. @jennysongs:   You have quite a knack for deception.
  26. @justliiv:  Fans wait patiently. THEY’RE GIVEN SEASON 5!
  27. @wombat06:  Jeff and Joel: thank you for everything.
  28. @katherinejoycey:  Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy
  29. @riskywolfe:  Joshua Jackson wearing a Fringenuity button. Love.
  30. @camyshe:   Let’s go, actions speak louder than words.
  31. @emedelerre:  I love you because I love you
  32. @imnocounterfeit:  “Moo moo moo moo moo-oo!” Gene said.
  33. @bostonredvines:  Gimme a Slusho…I’ll tell you everything.
  34. @bostonredvines:  Peter’s powerful machine encounters Olivia’s hidden Vagenda.
  35. @ilovejoshuanna:  Peter falls into vagenda and makes Henry.
  36. @ilovejoshuanna:  Fringies’ fight for Fringe forges fantastic fandom.
  37. @littlemissfreek:  Do You Believe in Fate? Peter, Olivia.
  38. @myvogonpoetry:  Our love was not in her Vagenda.
  39. @r0neo:  “Bacon?” He asked, “And toasts,” she said.
  40. @sugusmari:  Mind the boy. Factor in the girl.
  41. @r0neo:  The extraordinary girl is no longer scared.
  42. @riskywolfe:  “I’m already home.” He whispered to her.
  43. @sugusmari:  Damaged hearts that overcome rage by love.
  44. @r0neo:     He dreams of them. She of him.
  45. @ev3rybody_lies_:     Don’t leave me. Never. We belong together.
  46. @myvogonpoetry:  I liked Fridays. Now I treasure them.
  47. @justliiv:    His bacon and her toast make perfection
  48. @myvogonpoetry:  Charlie hated spiders but worshipped the Spiderwoman.
  49. @myvogonpoetry:  I cannot bear if he dies again.
  50. @myvogonpoetry:  I love Fringe like tweens love Justin.
  51. @myvogonpoetry:  Everything I learned I learned from corpses.
  52. @myvogonpoetry:  Should have been me not my partner.
  53. @goldenmonkey7:  Feeling alone then sensing you near me.
  54. @goldenmonkey7:  True love comes as a baby cries.
  55. @riskywolfe:  Past memories soon forgotten. Replaced with new.
  56. @thebrotherscain:  Through those eyes he only saw her.
  57. @fringedivision9:   Fringe is The Odyssey, Peter like Odysseus
  58. @fringedivision9:  Childhood Connections Alternate Futures New Timelines: POLIVIA
  59. @myvogonpoetry:  September loved hot food. Walter loved all.
  60. @myvogonpoetry:  He got glue to repair his heart.  (a check in to @GetGlue) 😉
  61. @riskywolfe:  Quiet Moments stolen glances love’s warm embrace.
  62. @camyshe:  Olivia is meant to be loved deeply.
  63. @myvogonpoetry:  Olivia turned John Scott to goo. Literally.
  64. @myvogonpoetry:  Fox held love’s fate in it’s hands.
  65. @ilovejoshuanna:  Olivia and Peter stronger together than apart.
  66. @ilovejoshuanna:   Peter and Olivia fated in all universes.
  67. @glancesnods:  They drove she slept and he knew.
  68. @glancesnods:  This time he did not look back.
  69. @cortexifan:  World’s heroine gatekeeper.  For him his HOME.
  70. @glancesnods: Alone again but better. Wool-sweater walking.
  71. @neongreen78:  Even as Bellivia Peter loved his Olivia.
  72. @riskywolfe:  They were back where they belonged. Together.
  73. @riskywolfe:  Past memories soon forgotten. New ones cherished.
  74. @j0_oey:     He wasn’t from there but belonged there.
  75. @j0_oey:     He’s made mistakes before. He won’t again.
  76. @riskywolfe:  Red meets blue in white tulips field.
  77. @riskywolfe:  Astro, so much more than a babysitter.
  78. @greyandsmart:  Friendship. Love. Betrayal. Renewed love. Death. Restart.
  79. @sugusmari:   Universes amend father’s sins through son’s sacrifice.
  80. @camyshe:  Fringies adore Polivia. They belong together forever. 😉
  81. @camyshe:  Simplicity isn’t the best love story ever~ XP
  82. @dorianzero:  The real love proof is Red Vines.
  83. @haliiscoolbeans:  He found his home within her heart
  84. @camyshe:  They are separated but they’ll be back.
  85. @greyandsmart:  Wedding band sorely missed. Finally: Happy Ending?!
  86. @riskywolfe:  When she found him he found home.
  87. @emo1281:  He made a different choice. She lived.
  88. @emo1281:  Wasn’t his father but became his dad.
  89. @thebrotherscain:  I love her, every version of her.
  90. @thebrotherscain:  Olivia Dunham will you be my constant?
  91. @skyangel5452:  Blueberry pancakes and strawberry milkshake perfect date!
  92. @emo1281:  Root Beer floats. Best drank Walter’s way.
  93. @greyandsmart:  Bald man saves a girl. Man dies.
  94. @ilgcy:  Science can connect people physically and emotionally.
  95. @r0neo:  You’re not my father. You’re my father.
  96. @imnocounterfeit:  She lied. She didn’t want to talk.
  97. @imnocounterfeit:  “Astro are we ready?” “Just about Wally.”
  98. @ananderson43:  Can’t be with the one you love
  99. @imnocounterfeit:  No matter the universe they belonged together.
  100. @imnocounterfeit:  Only one Olivia can own his heart.
  101. @imnocounterfeit:  They belong together. Over here, there everywhere.
  102. @berry_hearts: Gene thinks “A cow can love mooooo!”
  103. @berry_hearts:  I don’t need Cortexiphan to get you
  104. @bingeonfringe:  FRINGE is LOVE. If not what is?
  105. @berry_hearts:  So…No Frank? He was on it.
  106. @katherinejoycey:  Living in hope that Peter is home
  107. @myvogonpoetry:  It’s Fringe Friday and I’m in love.
  108. @justliiv:     She likes dancing but he likes jazz.
  109. @anabia_pereira:  Fireflies illuminated the hearts of lost souls
  110. @anabia_pereira:  Once upon a timeline a man reappeared
  111. @anabia_pereira:  Bishop found love where he didn’t belong
  112. @anabia_pereira:  Milky cow and mad scientist created milkshakes
  113. @tenswords:  She’s not someone else. Just slightly different
  114. @tenswords:  This thing we made transcends any universe.
  115. @tenswords:  I’m not her but you’re still here
  116. @tenswords:  I went mad you brought me back.
  117. @tenswords:  She heard his heartbeat through his chest
  118. @tenswords:  “Smells fantastic!” “It’s Friday I ordered Damiano’s”
  119. @haliiscoolbeans:  He would rip apart time for her
  120. @cortexiphan47:  Red Blue Amber. All are his home.
  121. @cortexiphan47:  Universes and timelines can’t keep them apart.
  122. @cortexiphan47:  A father’s love is a powerful thing.
  123. @imnocounterfeit:  She turned on the lights for him.
  124. @imnocounterfeit:  Their son was not meant to be.
  125. @imnocounterfeit:  Cow + Mad scientist = Strawberry Milkshake. Perfect combination.
  126. @imnocounterfeit:  Morning was made of toasts and bacon.
  127. @imnocounterfeit:  “My name is Peter.” “Mine is Olivia.”
  128. @imnocounterfeit:  She waits for him to come back.
  129. @zftnation:  Pyre? Lit. Watch her go. Forever unwhole.
  130. @zftnation:  Blue Soldier. She Red. Similarities? Only bangs.
  131. @zftnation:  Peter: Harbinger Extraordinaire. Wait where’d he go?
  132. @zftnation:  Their love unfurled like a white tulip.
  133. @zftnation:  Her ladyblazer affinity couldn’t top his love.
  134. @zftnation:  They were finally together. Hell froze over.
  135. @zftnation:  Boyish man. Save my Universe? Don’t talk.
  136. @zftnation:  And she hasn’t gone pee alone since.
  137. @imnocounterfeit:  He wanted to go home for her.
  138. @danafringe:  Dear Nugget: you will never be forgotten…
  139. @sercanerdogan:  They saved universes but lost each other.
  140. @danafringe:   X shaped void now filled with Fringe
  141. @danafringe:  One Lab. One Cow. One Papaya. Fringe.
  142. @danafringe:  A universe crossed to save another’s son
  143. @letitplayout:  Fringe fans and its creators and twitter.
 *Judge – these tweets were ineligible and just for fun.



A Very Long Wait for Some #VeryShortLoveStory Contest Results! — 11 Comments

  1. Congrats to the winners, all the organizers and participants, many of the contributions have been very good.
    I am a little disappointed, though. I sent six and none is in the list *resigned sight*.

    • You are absolutely right! After I read your comment I did some looking and found some I missed. The post has been edited with the rest of them – I’m glad you said something!

      I only found 3 of yours though….if they were over/under the limit, they may have been culled from the list. 🙁

  2. I really, really, really want a Fringe-themed Little Lytton contest. The basic premise: “Your task is to write the beginning of an imaginary novel. Your goal is to make it hilariously bad.” I have an “in” with birdandbear (if you know what i mean) and will harass her mercilessly until this becomes a thing.

  3. My personal top 10 picks (no particular order)
    @berry_hearts: He loved her first, second, and third.
    @sercanerdogan: She loved him, when he didn’t exist.
    @sara_newell: Your glasses make you sexy, mine magnify.
    @haliiscoolbeans: Time, space are variables; love a constant
    @bubblevillefan: I came, I saw and I dunhammed. (veni, vidi, pernavi?)
    @thisislaranda: Faux Olivia fell hard for him too.
    @imnocounterfeit: He interfered it. The boy was important. (somebody a word but i like it)
    @rogue_noir: it’s Love In The Time Of Amber
    @imnocounterfeit: Another universe, yet she could feel him.
    @wikiaddicted723: Words fail, skin is all they need

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