Icon Packs and Goodies – April 20th #Fringe Twitter Event

Alas we are still awaiting news regarding #Fringe. However, we are feeling really great energy around this week’s campaign and with both our showrunners Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman AND Josh Jackson joining fans in livetweeting sesssions during episode 4.19 “Letters in Transit”, this 12th campaign is sure to be another success.

Remember, these are SOCIAL media campaigns and work best when we can get as many fans to participate and also generate interest in non-viewers to give Fringe a try.  Here are the icons you can choose from for this Friday’s twitter event! (Please note file names with .gif  in titles are animated icons).

Examples from @Cheribot:



Download Cheri’s icons and banner here – FTF – Cheribot.zip

Examples from @SarahProost:



Download Sarah’s icons and wallpaper here – FTF – SarahProost.zip

Examples from @zort70:


Ian also made a great vid to help generate interest in the campaigns –

Download Ian’s icons here – FTF – zort70.zip

From @PietroVescovo the following animated .gif icon is offered:

Examples from @fraggleberlin (all icons displayed):



Examples from @SercanErdogan (all icons displayed):



A Philip Broyles icon from @Alart6:

This week we have a number of talented Fringies that offered banner designs.

Design by @Frozenaura:

Design by @Flow_L:

Design by @wombat06:

Design by @LynnFDR:

Thank you Fringies for your continuing to be inspired by the show and for sharing your designs and ideas to these campaigns. We are going to #FightTheFuture this Friday to ensure Fringe is part of all our future.  Enjoy!


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