Reaching #AcrossTheUniverse and Uniting Fringies – Campaign Results for April 13th

Sorry in the delay in getting this information up but it is all good news I promise!

In the eleventh campaign aimed at raising awareness of the large Fringe fandom that exists in social spaces not (yet) covered by Nielsen’s, Fringies united April 13th to tweet #AcrossTheUniverse. This is the first time I’ve observed us hit the worlwide trends so quickly and at such a high position. From where I was looking, #AcrossTheUniverse jumped into second position in the worldwide trends within the first few minutes of event start (by a few minutes, I mean THREE). The hashtag stayed in the upper half of the worldwide trends and overall, trended solidly in for over 50 minutes. In the United States, trending was observed for over an hour. #AcrossTheUniverse appeared in multiple country trends as well, see below. If you look closely, you’ll see that someone also showed up in the trends (clue: “Yeah, honey, do you mind?”) – these screenshots were captured post #AcrossTheUniverse trending times.







We also hit the Discover tab and stuck there for a good while:

We saw Fringe commanding the lead in GetGlue:

Here are the tweet stats:

Tweets: 38.9K (~21.4K)
Contributors: 11.7K (~2.3K)
Reach: 5.8M (~634K)
Exposure: 14.5M (~4.8M)

To show you have far we’ve come since the first campaign tracked (#EnemyofmyEnemy, 01.20.12), I’ve included in the numbers in parentheses for comparison. We’ve most improved on our reach and exposure (or number of impressions we make) and even thought actual number of tweets have not increased proportionately to the number of contributors, we’ve always said that the number of different contributors participating in the campaigns, even with a few tweet each matters and can help with trending and trending time. (Not to mention the increasing number of participants helps our unified voice grow).


Considered to be one of the most important emerging technologies as audiences seek to socialize their viewing experience, it is also a gold mine of data regarding viewership and real-time capture of viewing habits that networks and advertisers alike will want to be tap. We want to ensure Fringe is secured in all social media spaces and I’m so grateful that all of you have continued to show up every Friday to support Fringe and support watching it Live.

Below are three screencaps from three different companies specializing in SocialTV.

From Bluefin Labs:



Notable tweets:

A special thanks to @FringeOnFOX who also spent some time livetweeting during the episode and connecting with fans!

Are you ready to get even louder with #FightTheFuture Friday April 20th? I have no doubt. See you all on twitter and getglue for campaign number 12.


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  1. Great news it seems for Fringe fans. Very good work collecting all this data. I appreciate all you’ve done to try and keep this show going.

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