Comic-Con Fringe Panel is Coming: Let’s Rock Twitter!

To celebrate Fringe’s final Comic-con panel, we’re asking the Twitterverse to try to trend two (2) hashtags, one before the panel, and one during the panel.

What better way to kick off all of the excitement for the fifth season than to spread the word that #TheyAreComing?


Joel Wyman at WonderCon 2012

When news broke that executive producer Jeff Pinkner left the show—leaving co-pilot Joel Wyman as Fringe’s singular showrunner—some fans were worried about how the amicable departure would affect the show’s creative direction in the upcoming fifth season.

Joel accepted the role of executive producer during Fringe’s second season. The team formed between Pinkner and Wyman gave us an accelerated Fringe story, diving right in to the underpinning mythology of the series. Their combined writing talents penned many amazing episodes such as August, Olivia, Entrada, and The Firefly. They also collaborated with other writers on the majority of pivotal episodes in the series.

Even so, we’re not worried. Joel has cultivated an amazing reciprocal relationship with fans. He loves the show dearly, and has made it known just how much he understands the desire of fans to see our beloved show and characters receive the ending that they deserve. Fans that have met him have described just how passionate he is about Fringe—that he loves what he does.

Let’s show some appreciation for the talented and hardworking man behind the curtain: The man that wears many hats; executive producer, writer, director and showrunner.

We’re going to tweet #InWymanWeTrust during the Comic-Con Fringe panel.

Comic-Con Fringe Panel Event Protocol

Please read carefully. 

Event time = Sunday, July 15

We will tweet the hashtags:

#TheyAreComing at 12: 30 PM EST (9:30 AM PST)

#InWymanWeTrust at 1:00 PM EST (10:00 AM PST)

(Need your local time? Here’s a time converter.) 

  • Do Not include any other #’s in your tweets (such as #Fringe) One hashtag (#) per tweet.
  • Please do not tweet these hashtags until the event times.
  • Don’t use any hashtag until its allotted timeframe.
  • Steadily tweet over time. We want these to stay in the trends for as long as possible.
  • In the tweets for  #TheyAreComing, give your reasons why you’re exited about season five.
  • In the tweets for  #InWymanWeTrust,  give reasons why you’re confident that Fringe is in good hands.
  • Be sure to mention Fringe. You may also want to talk about “Fringe at Comic Con.”
  • You may want to include @JWFringe in a tweet, but try to limit spamming his Twitter.
  • Pass this around to wherever Fringe fans may hang out. The more unique people that tweet the hashtags at the same time, the more likely they are to trend.

Icons for the Comic-Con Fringe Panel Twitter event!

We are really fortunate to have some talent in our Fringie pool. @SarahProost and @Cheribot have gracious created some icons for this special Comic-Con event.

#TheyAreComing Icons

Two sets by Sarah:
Full set of icons in many more colors can be downloaded here – Sarah – TAC

#InWymanWeTrust Icons

Icons by Sarah:

Full set of Sarah’s icons can be downloaded here – Sarah – IWWT

Icons by Cheri:

Full set of Cheri’s icons can be downloaded here – Cheri – IWWT

Going to be at the Panel? 

There is a special project for those fans that will be attending the Fringe Comic-con panel. You will want to read about @flowerrings’ White Tulip Project here.

 Be sure to check-in at GetGlue during the panel for a special Fringe Comic-con sticker.



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  1. I’ll spread the word …. but i may not be able to participate in the event. Sadly … the panel is on Sunday and due to time differences i will be at work on monday in australia. Timezonesare a major pain!!!!!

  2. Awesome idea to support the best show on television! Please participate in this TWITTER EVENT Fringies. Let’s get trending!!! Also, to support Fringes 5th Season and the show in general, please come and ‘like’ “The Fringies Page”. We have lots of exciting discussions after every episode, we have our first official competition coming up and are about to do our own Season 4 re-watch with review videos for each episode. We have also participated in every “Fringe Twitter Campaign” since #WhereIsPeterBishop and have daily Fringie goodies like our “Fringie Video of The Day”, where we share the best of YouTube’s Fringe fan videos! All our followers are devoted Fringe fans and have helped support the show with every single campaign both on Twitter and in many different polls, such as TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards for which FRINGE won Favorite Drama! Our Fringies keep helping us get many new viewers on board by spreading the word and lending out those Fringe DVD’s. “The Fringies Page” together with Fringies from all across the web we have rallied this amazing show (that we believe every person should experience, sci-fi fan or not) every step of the way into the 5th Season. We NEVER gave up!
    One of our biggest goals now is to make people aware that FRINGE is not just for sci-fi fans, because it really isn’t. Fringe is an amazing story about love, family and the human spirit. We believe that fans of every genre should experience Fringe! It is a show for everyone and a show everyone should experience in their lifetime.
    So, if you’re a Fringie and want to show your love and support for FRINGE, please click on the link and give us a ‘like’. We are currently trying to get 1’500 followers by Fringes Comic-con Panel, so if you can help out it will be greatly appreciated. We WELCOME and encourage Fringies from all across the globe to come and like our page as Fringies speak a universal language! So come check us out!
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