Fringe Fan History Book Update

With Comic-Con happening next week–and Fringe filming commencing soon–I figured now would be a good time to update status about the book that I am writing this summer and fall. If you missed the initial announcement:  It’s a history of the Fringe fandom, our creative works, and of our efforts to keep Fringe on the air. The working title is Quantum Entanglements: Fringe Fans Acting at a Distance.

I’ve been thinking about this project ever since the success of Fringenuity’s #CrossTheLine social media campaigns, and now I have an excellent outline to start.

The hope is to have the book ready for publication shortly after the series finale. I plan on making it available as a print book through Amazon’s CreateSpace and as an e-book for Kindle.

Since the topic is about fans, I’ll be contacting some folks about their roles in various capacities. If you’d like to contribute in some manner, please send your proposal to

I’m really excited about this project. It’s nothing fancy, but if Fringe fans want something done, we have to do it on our own. I want to make this something enduring—something to document this special family and the times we will never forget.

– Aimee

This book has not been authorized by FOX Network, Warner Brothers, or Bad Robot Productions. It is an act of love, and a study in fan culture and social television. I expect no real profit from this venture. Just enough to cover image licensing fees, art work, editing, and a bit for my time in writing it.

Some topics to be covered, but not a final list:

  • The Heart of the Fringe Fandom – Why fans love the show so much. Who makes up the Fringe fan base?
  • All Corners of the Internet  — Where fans communities are found. Forums, Blogs, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook, Google +, GetGlue, etc.
  • The Power to Create — Fanfiction, Podcasts, Art, music, food—you name it. #WhereIsPeterBishop video feature.
  • Television Transformation – Social TV embraced by the Fringe fandom
  • Cortexifans Activated – Efforts to keep Fringe on the Air. eg: The Fringe Network and Fringenuity. Season 3 :The Friday “Deathslot”  move… Red Vines  and  white tulips postcards mailed to FOX.
  • Recognition:  Fans honor cast, crew, and EPs with awards. Reactions to Awards. Other cool fan displays of affection.
  • The Bridge: Interaction with Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner. The promotional genius of fans Ari Margolis and Bart Montgomery.
  • In the Field: Fan encounters with Fringe filming.
  • Gatherings — Comic-Con, Wondercon, Misc. cons. The Fringe Event
  • The Recordists: Media support of Fringe fans – various magazine, reviews, etc.
  • Soft Spots  — Controversies in the fanbase
  • Over There – International Fringe Fan efforts.
  • Real is a Matter of Perception:  Thoughts from fans about the show‘s meaning and the fandom.
  •  A New Timeline  The Science Channel. Predictions about future fan activities.


Fringe Fan History Book Update — 19 Comments

  1. Cant wait to read it Aimee. It will another keepsake from the most awesome time of my life …. being a part of Fringe fandom!

  2. Love the idea. I would definately read when it gets out. Twitter allowed us fans to communicate and share thoughts about Fringe more than any other social network and thanks to it I was able to become part of Fringe Fandom. I don’t have blog or website that covering Fringe development, but I LOVE this show and don’t want it to end. Your book will be great to keep my memories last longer after show is off the air (in addition to full DVD set). Let me know if I can contribute in any way. Hope to see you in Vancouver during The Fringe Event. I will be the one on crutches due to broken ankle

    • Thanks, and I’m glad that you’re just as excited as I am. Totally agree with your comments about Twitter 😉 I’ll be sending out some requests for fan input from time-to-time, so there will be opportunity to get involved. TFE is a month away. Can’t wait! Ugh, sorry about your ankle. Sprained mine recently, and that stunk enough. Hope yours heals nicely.

  3. great idea can’t wait to read it, thank you so much for the amazing job you all do for the fandom of this awesome show that break all borders 🙂

  4. Great idea. Please be sure that this book is available in a .pdf format and other ways all of us can read. Don’t know how accessible it will be if it’s limited to book readers only thru merchants. I’d buy a .pdf or Adobe Reader version, but don’t own a separate bookreader or store brand reader.

    • Yeah, I will make it available through other means as well. It won’t be hard to use other e-book distributors. The more distribution channels, the better. Heck, I might just sell it directly from a site. We’ll see. 🙂

  5. We can have an evening of intervires in case Orpheus is out of reach or round of interviews during TFE. Let me know if you need help organaizing

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  7. Aimee, I just started crying while reading this. I’d just like to add that I wanted to make friends with you guys because you were all kind to Community fans during an online poll. You’ve been so generous with your social media knowledge; I feel like a complete noob compared to you guys. I am very grateful for your friendship, and I am proud to call myself a new Fringe fan! (PACEY made it an easy sell!)


    • Catherine,

      This is the best part about being kind to another fandom; meeting other awesome people! We all are stronger together, and knowledge is meant to be shared. The Community of Fringe ought to be a new fandom crossover, haha!



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