Take A Bow For The Fringe Cast — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, guys! I’ve got a screen caption of #TheyAreComing in which it shows that the hashtag trended #3!! I’ll send it as soon as I get home. WE DID IT! YAY!

  2. Well Done Fringies!
    So proud of our fandom! We ROCK! And Thank You all here at Fringenuity for continuing to support Fringe and organising such wonderful supportive stuff. You’ve made a real difference and I just want to say how much I as a Fringie appreciate all the hard work that goes into this Website. I share it on The Fringies Page all the time 🙂 Any Fringies who want to see more stuff from The Fringe Comic-Con Panel or discuss it? Come by anytime…that goes for ALL FRINGIES EVERYWHERE 🙂 Welcome with open arms to
    ~ Mirela ~

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