One Way or Another, Fringe Fans Get the Job Done! – #AnotherWay Trend Results

There are many many things I love about Fringe fandom but one that I am consistently astounded by is the consistency and devotion it has shown Fringe twitter social media events. Many would say, there is no need to continue these efforts since we have gotten a final season. Many international fans still, have little reason to stay up to the wee hours of the morning to join the twitter party. And yet, twitter on Fridays has become a meeting place where we can all tweet a “Hello” to one another, quote our favorite lines from the show, and debate (yes debate) the next mindblowing plot twists that are thrown our way.

One thing I will say, Fringe fandom sure can trend! Our tweets are friendly, funny, and we genuinely have a great time on Fridays. Trending #AnotherWay was no exception.

#AnotherWay jumped on the US trends at the top position within 5 minutes and it hit the worldwide trends at the 7-minute mark after event start. #AnotherWay stayed on the the US trends for nearly 50 minutes.

Here is a screencap of Fringe check-ins on Getglue:

Tweet Stats (from @hashtracking):

Tweets: 15.5K
Contributors: 3.1K (down 5K from premiere, hope fans are not trapped in Amber!)
Reach: 2.3M
Exposure: 9.6M

Social TV information from 3 analytics companies:

Bluefin Labs: (Total activity is determined by Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, Viggle, and Miso activity.) 

Notable Tweets:

I’ve looked at strategies other fandoms have used to garner attention for their show, some of them just as clever as Fringenuity campaigns. A few have even tried to replicate our protocol. Nevertheless, here we are week after week, hitting those trends with absolute confidence and certainty. The key lesson here is that none of this could have happened without each and everyone one of you. Whether you send out one tweet or RT like a person possessed, you matter, and that has made all the difference for our show.

In closing, I leave you a tweet from Bart. His words reflect truly, how great our accomplishments are.


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