Twitter Event To Promote Fringe’s Return on 01/13/12

Can you keep a secret?

On Friday, January 13th, prepare to cross the line.

(Don’t use the hash-tag #CrossTheLine at all in any tweets until Friday, January 13th. Two hours before Fringe airs, we will unleash it to the world!
So, don’t start using the hash-tag #CrossTheLine until 7:00 PM EST.)

Main Wave  7PM EST (12AM GMT)
West Coast Wave  7PM PST (10PM EST / 3AM GMT)

As Peter Bishop heads back to where he has never been – he will be just like Walter- and he’ll learn just what it means to #CrosstheLine in his quest to make it back home.

And as the story unfolds, we will tweet #CrossTheLine as we journey with Peter to Over There.

Fringe fans are an amazing bunch. Twitter has been an avenue of friendship, discussion and promotion for fans of the show. The Fringe Network  brought many of us together to trend the title of the Season Three finale, #TheDayWeDied, worldwide. We’re working to carry-on the fine tradition that they established.

Our dedication helped to achieve a fourth season for the show. Now, we are needed more than ever. We all need to be watching LIVE, and encouraging others to do the same, if possible.

Last Year, Fringe moved to Fridays. Fans rallied and pulled a 1.9 rating for the mid-season premier, The Firefly. We also were able to trend the guest star’s name, Christopher Lloyd.

Let’s have a strong showing for the Mid-season Premier! Get everyone on board. Let’s talk about it all week online. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Let no Fringie be left in the dark that:

Fringe Returns Friday, January 13th 9/8C

So why is making the Twitter Top Trends List Important for Fringe?

Networks are taking into account social media statistics, known as “social media impressions.” This data is a measure of how popular a topic is in online discussion. Fringe is one of the top “social shows” because of its rabid fan base – (that’s us!)

Why #CrossTheLine?

When we chose the hashtag #CrossTheLine, we kept several things in mind:

1) Tweeting a topic that will grab the attention of the casual Twitter user.

2) A hash-tag that sums up Fringe and the midseason premier.

#CrossTheLine will serve these goals, because if it does make a blip on the Trends list, curious non-Fringies will jump onto the bandwagon to see what #CrossTheLine is about. #FringeSeason5 is cool for us current fans, but it won’t attract the interest of others.

Hashtags and topics often trend because unknowing Twitter users Tweet about them in order to seem cool by using the trend. This happened when The Fringe Network led the successful effort to trend #TheDayWeDied. Other Twitter users liked the phrase and used it in tweets, even if they had nothing to do with Fringe. But it aided in propelling #TheDayWeDied to #1 worldwide.

Some Basic Instructions (And some interesting discussion of Trending Topics)

First and foremost – Here’s the “Secret” Part:

“Trends is about novelty and diversity of sources and not just popularity.”

Don’t use the hash-tag #CrossTheLine at all in any tweets until Friday, January 13th. Two hours before Fringe airs, we will unleash it to the world!

So, don’t start using the hash-tag #CrossTheLine until 7:00 PM EST.


Because Trending Topics work like this now: Twitter recognizes new terms, phrases, and hashtags – things that have not been seen much. Thank the constant trending of Justin Bieber for this change. The more people that suddenly “rapid-fire” a newer topic, the more likely the topic is to reach the top trends list, which is our goal.

The reason we were unable to trend #WhereIsPeterBishop for the Season Four Premier is because it had been used so many times over the summer hiatus.

This is also why the X-Files #XF3 movie effort to trend will not work. The hashtag #Xf3 has been used far too many times, so much that it would take a deluge of additional tweeters to ever trend the topic.

For those curious about how Twitter trending works, check out this NPR article concerning the trending history of #OccupyWallstreet. An Excerpt:

Twitter’s trending algorithm finds topics that many people suddenly tweet about at once, like new album releases, TV shows on air, celebrity deaths or political gaffes. The hot topics can also appear when many people rush to Twitter to talk about one thing, like an earthquake. But if a lot of people talk about rain, it probably won’t make the list since it’s a more common occurrence.

Hashtags also frequently trend if they’re new and haven’t been through the algorithm before. Topics can start trending, fall off the list and later reappear when a different set of users discovers the topic later on. They usually only appear for around 40 minutes at a time, but the trending list is such a prime spot for marketers that a promoted space at the top runs $120,000 per day, according to Twitter’s director of revenue.

As much as we love the support of Fringe fans around the world, it is important that viewers in the United States trend the hash-tag. This is not to discount the efforts of our international Fringe family, because every one of us is important. But, the fact is that the decision to renew the show rests with FOX Network, and American viewer support means a lot to their network.

Americans, we have to quit being complacent, because our buddies elsewhere can’t save this show on their own. Get anyone with a Twitter on Friday night tweeting. I’m even going to ask some non-Fringe friends to help.

Trending worldwide is also a great accomplishment and gives the show much-needed exposure, plus it lets Warner Brothers know that there is a considerable market for the Fringe franchise, all over the planet.

Very Important:

Twitter only counts one hash tag per Tweet. So ONLY use #CrossTheLine. It is OK to use other key words such as Fringe, Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Walternate, etc. But only one # term per tweet.

Some folks are asking about #FringeSeason5. Well, it can be used in its own tweet. The main thing is:

– One # term per tweet

– the more people that tweet, the better…

– and… people with lots of followers can have more of an effect, due to the size of their network and a concept called, amplification.


If you tweeted:

#Fringe #BestShowOnEarth #IWantToHaveJoshJacksonsBabies

… nothing will count for trending topics.

Private accounts must have their locked status removed, as the tweets from these accounts do not count toward the trend tally.

Retweets are the easiest way to help out the trending effort. Just search for the hashtag #CrossTheLine, and retweet the ones that are interesting to you.

If you know how to use a Twitter application suite like TweetDeck or HootSuite, this is made even easier.

So to summarize:

  • Don’t use #CrosstheLine before the designated time: 2 hours before Fringe airs.
  • One # term per Tweet
  • Lots of people tweeting matters more than the number of tweets.
  • Those with lots of followers help out a lot!
  • We want to pique the interest of non-Fringe fans
  • We can discuss aspects of the show in our tweets -maybe trend names/phrases.

We will be rolling out some promotional videos to pass along to every Fringie possible. Let’s get everyone on board for a successful night on Fringe Friday!


Also, please check out the plan to use @Getglue to promote Fringe and the show’s advertisers.


@aimeeinchains, @birdandbear, or @fringeship on Twitter.


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  3. I’m completely new to this whole grassroots renewal effort. So will there be a new twitter trend push for January 20th with a new #? Would it be the title of the new episode, or maybe something catchy like #FringeofSanity?

    • Hi! We are planning on doing it again Friday, and considering new hashtags. We’ll consider #FringeOfSanity. It’s pretty different and might catch non-fan attention.

      • This is my first official post as a member of MTOOE, but I’m the one who posed the above question about #FringeOfSanity. Thank you aimeeinchains for the reply. I’ll keep my eye on the negative matter spectrometer and really look forward to helping keep FRINGE alive.

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