There and Back Again – Fringe Trending Campaigns #CrossTheLine

The #CrossTheLine Twitter Effort and the Thinking about Get Glue Fringe Advertisers campaign were a smashing success! Thanks to all of you! Here’s an amazing “After-Action Report” from our very own, Fringeship, that celebrates Fringe fan victories. It shows the … Continue reading

Fringe Friday is Here!

The Bell has tolled and tonight we (#)CrossTheLine!! … Continue reading

Twitter Icon Pack for 01/13

Hey Fringies!! Check out these awesome icons created by @cheribot and @nikolai3d for use during this Friday’s #CrossTheLine event! Wear them with pride while we trend on Twitter! Here are a couple of examples: Lots more colors, download them here! … Continue reading

Friday – Cross the Line Back to Where You’ve Never Been

Another promo video for Friday’s Tweetout, by @BlazingPhoenix … Continue reading

Fringe Friday the 13th – Cross the Line to Protect What You Love Most Fringe fans! Join together as we #CrossTheLine this Friday, January 13 – starting 7 PM EST Please read the Plan and an explanation of Twitter Trending: … Continue reading

Fringe Friday the 13th – Don’t Be Afraid To Cross The Line Our latest video encouraging fans to #CrossTheLine when Fringe returns Friday, 01/13/12 Important Information: Please read. … Continue reading

Twitter Event To Promote Fringe’s Return on 01/13/12

Can you keep a secret? On Friday, January 13th, prepare to cross the line. (Don’t use the hash-tag #CrossTheLine at all in any tweets until Friday, January 13th. Two hours before Fringe airs, we will unleash it to the world! … Continue reading