#ObserveItLive – Observing a Significant Moment

The Fringe fandom have become regular pros at Fringe Friday Twitter events. For January 27th, the hash tag to trend was #ObserveItLive, a nod to the Observers as well as a reminder to all of us of the importance of watching Fringe live even if you don’t have a Nielsen box, because if you are part of this fandom, you can be heard.

Within minutes, #ObserveItLive trended worldwide. And in Brazil, it trended easily to the #2 spot.

#ObserveItLive trending Worldwide


#ObserveItLive trending in Brazil


Fringe trends in Canada


There is always great excitement when we are successful at trending a hash tag so we hope you’ll continue to keep your eyes on the target in weeks to come. That is, a consistent and sustained effort to let the studio and the network alike know that there are plenty of us that show up to watch Fringe Live.

Some of you have asked, “why not tweet something directly Fringe-related” for our hash tag campaigns. In the end, these campaigns have to be about more than just the Fringe fandom loving their show: the challenge is to select a tagline that will pique the curiosity of outsiders, while retaining meaning for us. Consider the hash tag  an anchor that unites us as Fringies, but the words in your tweets, those are your own and your feelings about Fringe.

Twitter campaigns aside, we Fringies have our own fun too. This week, while Fringe hovered at #2 in trending TV shows against a Chuck series finale (and by the way, that fandom deserves some recognition for their extraordinary efforts and ideas to support their show), the Nissan Leaf easily landed in the second spot in the trending topics category.

I wonder, however, how Peter Bishop would feel about it overtaking coffee! Maybe he wouldn’t be as upset if he knew his fandom was trying to get his pea coat back for him. In all good fun,  Josh Jackson encouraged the “Pea Coat Faction” of Fringe fandom to help bring the pea coat back in a Fringe Fans Ask segment. Those of us that received the mission in time did a pea coat check-in in GetGlue, helping it become a trending topic at #25.

Thinking about Pea Coat on GetGlue

Overall, our tweets contributed to more than 4 million social media impressions (tweet statistics from @Nikolai3d).

Here is another way to look at it:

Socialmention.com tracks and analyzes phrases and words in real-time to gives a measure of its impact through the social networks. Keep in mind that this is a snapshot in time and is not reflective of the total number of tweets that used #ObserveItLive.

Strength is the likelihood your brand is being discussed in the social media.

Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.

Passion is the measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. (For the purposes of twitter events, a lower score in this category actually signifies more tweets or mentions are written by different authors, which is a good thing and supports trending efforts)

Reach is the measure of the range of influence.

Thanks again Fringies for participating in these campaigns. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to comment, post on the forum, or tweet us @Fringenuity.


Promo Vids: @dalliel, @walterbishopfan & @sujeto13 – playlist here

Icon pack: @Cheribot


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