#ObserveItLive – Observing a Significant Moment

The Fringe fandom have become regular pros at Fringe Friday Twitter events. For January 27th, the hash tag to trend was #ObserveItLive, a nod to the Observers as well as a reminder to all of us of the importance of watching Fringe … Continue reading

Twitter Icon Pack for Jan27th

The Icon Pack for Jan 27th tweet event are here! We are indebted to @cheribot for creating these awesome icons for this Friday’s #ObserveItLive event! Wear them with pride while we trend on Twitter! Here are a few of examples: Lots … Continue reading

Twitter Fringe Event – “Forced Perspective” – Wake Up and ObserveItLive!

Promotional video from Mr. WalterBishopFan himself, Arturo Garcia: … Continue reading

It’s A Matter of Perspective: Fringe Twitter Campaign for 4.10

Congratulations everyone! We once again met success on many fronts for the #EnemyofMyEnemy Event. (Results coming today.) What a great job from all of us, in support of what I think was the best episode this season, if not one … Continue reading