Your #FringeConfessions: Part One

It is very touching to see all of the tweets under the #FringeConfessions tag on Twitter. It goes to show that Fringe is an inspiration and a positive force for many viewers. For those that believe in the power of stories, this is a tremendous display of affection for the epic masterpiece that is our beloved show.

We received quite a few email submissions, and would like to share these with everyone.

 #Fringe not only gives me intelligent entertainment (which is hard to come by), it has given me an escape. When I first started watching Fringe back in season one, I saw how burdened Olivia was and I could relate to that. She’s such a good character because of the emotional investment she puts into everything. I’ve reciprocated that investment in the show. Since getting to season three and onward, it’s become much more personal, and that has been something that I could hold onto and look forward to all the time. It’s something I can focus on when my life isn’t going the way I want it to. I always find myself waiting for the next episode, craving whatever is coming up next. No other story has touched me as much as Fringe. It combines crime, sci-fi, and drama in a unique, original manner. And the Peter/Olivia plot-line continues to pull at my heart every episode. Being able to look forward to that and think about it has helped me through my own personal problems, and continues to do so at this very moment. Cancelling Fringe would be the biggest mistake Fox could ever make. #FringeConfessions

– Anonymous


#Fringe has the most emotionally powerful relationships ever. It’s relevant and inspires me to love my life and live my life to the fullest.

-Jenny Chang


Every once in a while. A show that is so special to you comes along that makes you want to show the world just how much you love it. FRINGE is that show!

FRINGE is the first show that I fall in love with so much that I invest a lot of time trying to promote it in order to help save the show from its inevitable death dueto a antiquated ratings system and the terrible Friday night time slot of death. I’m so passionate about the show that I have lost a few friends in real life because of how I would not shut up about it. But, I regret nothing. This show means a lot more to me than some closed minded friends. This show has sparked a lot of creativity and curiosity about the unknown. It has taught me so much about social media and because of it, I have met many people that share the same passion as I do for the show.
FRINGE is not just a TV show but, a huge stepping stone in my life and love that it has united the Underdogs and showed the social media time and time again, that the Underdogs are a force to be reckoned with! FRINGE also has quite possibly the greatest character ever created in the History of Television. ( I might be biased though because Walter Bishop is my favorite character and almost everything about him appeals to the very fabric of my existence.) It’s impossible to NOT fall in love with the character right from the getgo.

From the first moment I saw him in the pilot, I just knew I was going to love this show. The way that John Noble portrays him is just Incredible. He has quickly become my favorite Actor in Television and one of the most underrated. The fact that he continually gets snubbed for an Emmy is an outrage all on its own. My #FringeConfession is that I wish the entire world would love this show as muchas I do, the world would be a better place and there would be a lot more variety because fringe is the type of show that is so unique and intelligent that even if it gets cancelled, it will still be a cult classic and stand the test of time.  – @WalterBishopFAN



  • Fringe inspired me to write again after 30 years.
  • A shared love of Fringe connected me with a fascinating group of people around the globe.
  • Fringe introduced me to my writing buddy and good friend. Our muses are quantum entangled.
  • Fringe convinced me to finally buy a BluRay player (because blue eyes are bluer on BluRay).
  • Fringe motivated me to join Twitter, GetGlue, Instagram, TwitLonger, Tumblr, DropBox…..
  • Fringe keeps me up at night.
  • Fringe makes me want to vacation in Vancouver. For a beach girl, that’s quite a feat.
  • Fringe makes me worry about Nielsen ratings.
  • Fringe makes Friday nights at home the place to be. I turn down dates so I can watch Fringe live
  • I bought a PeaCoat because of Fringe. Actually, two. Geekboy wanted one, too!
  • I bought Red Vines because of Fringe (and I hate liquorice).
  • Fringe made my tv viewing habits monogamous.
  • Fringe challenges me – I bought books on Quantum Entanglement and parallel universes. And read them!
  • Fringe makes me bold.
  • Fringe takes me to a world where the lovers end up together (eventually).
  • Fringe restored my faith in showrunners. And made me fall in love with them… just a little bit.
  • Fringe expands my mind… without Walter’s LSD.
  • Fringe introduced me to some amazing, creative people – both in front of and behind the cameras.
  • I love bacon.
  • Fringe has made me more thoughtful.
  • I’ve made connections with people I will probably never meet f2f because of a shared love of Fringe.
  • I have something to look forward to (almost) every week.
  • Thanks to Frinige, I no longer think of Leonard Nimoy as Spock.
  • Geekboy and I play Punch Buggy and Spot the Observer. People think we’re crazy but we don’t care.
  • I bought the complete set of Dawson’s Creek dvds and I didn’t even watch it when it was on the air!
  • Fringe makes me hate the word “hiatus” although I love #HiatusMusic!
  • Fringe causes me to think “WWWD” (What Would Walter Do?) multiple times during the day.
  • Fringe has given me an appreciation of what we have…coffee, avocados, jazz, whiskey, Brown Betty
  • Fringe makes me believe in the power of love again.   – @dixiegirl256


Our mutual love for Fringe, brought me and a distant cousin, I hadn’t seen in ages, together. We are great friends now and it’s beyond just talking about Fringe.



This is my Fringe confession and I would prefer to post it anonymously.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt as though I didn’t fit in anywhere, that I didn’t belong. Truth betold, I was told it often enough too (Thanks Mum!). The feelings followed me through school as well as adulthood til it got to the point I didn’t want to be me anymore and I certainly didn’t want to be alive.

I didn’t just watch an episode of Fringe and be ok, no it was more subtle than that. I fell upon the pilot episode by chance one night and it had me hooked. So much so, the next day came, the day I had planned my own suicide for, and I didn’t go through with it because my want for the next episode was greater than the need to die. Time came and went and although the pain was always felt, looking to the next episode of Fringe is all that got me through from week to week. I came to care about the characters, all flawed in their own ways but managing to find where they belonged, not in spite of them but because of their flaws.

Through my love of the show, I gained confidence from the fanbase I found online and making new friends. That spread to me in my real life. My attitude changed which helped me seek the help I needed to survive. Things aren’t perfect but i’m on the right track and the domino effect that helped me find my place to fit in this universe, and the other universe was Fringe. That, and the show inspires me every day.

Fringe saved me more times than anyone will ever truly know. And that, is my Fringe Confession.


Hey guys/girls! I’m NoniFBC from Twitter and thought that I would like to express the things that Fringe gave me and made me realize!
So here they are…

Fringe made me realize that even when people tell that you are someone else, there is that little thing in your heart that tells you exactly who you are. Then the only thing you have to do is to believe in it and it will show you the way home! #FringeConfessions

Fringe made me realize that “Home” is not just a word. It’s the family, the people, friends or lovers, you have and you have to fight for them and never give them up. Search for them even you have been erased from existence.Cause they are the reason of what you are and you are the reason of who they are! #FringeConfessions


Since I’ve started watching Fringe, I dream in alternate universes. I have separate dreams (on different nights) of how my life (and that of others close to me) would have turned out if different events/situations had taken place. I’ve come to really look forward to sleeping.  -Anonymous


These made me smile, some made me shake my head in agreement, and others made me cry. Keep these coming everyone!


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  1. Powerful words from the person who was suicidal. I knew Fringe has had a profound effect on me, but I didn’t realize how deep it could be for some people. Hang in there anonymous, even after Fringe is gone there will still be much living for you to do!!! You are loved 🙂

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