#FringeConfessions: It’s More Than “Just a TV Show”

How many times have you heard from the non-Fringed, “Why do you talk about Fringe so much? It’s just a TV show…” I know that I have heard it plenty of times, from people that have their own obsessions that I don’t question – Sports, religion, cooking shows…. etc.

But this does give a reason to pause and consider that question. In fact, we had a great suggestion for a hashtag from @Cortexifans on Twitter: #FringeConfessions

How Far Have You Gone For Fringe? Has the show changed your life? Well, we want to hear about it.

From Fringe-mobiles to Peter Bishop tattoos, we want to hear about your Fringe-inspired fanworks. Or if the show has led you to make changes in your life, how about sharing that experience with the fandom?

Send your best #FringeConfessions to Fringenuity@gmail.com. We’ll publish them on site and tweet the link to Warner Brothers and FOX. Please include your twitter name, or you can choose to remain anonymous.

You could also just Tweet simple things like this:

#Fringe has made me want to be more creative and imaginative. #FringeConfessions

Walter Bishop has inspired me to become a scientist.   #FringeConfessions

There is a reason that we love this show so much. For many, it has been a transforming force in their lives. Part of our mission is sharing the love of Fringe with others.

There is no better way to do so then for each of us to tell our own stories about what Fringe means, and what the show has done for our lives.


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  21. It changed so much my life that I’m about to tattoo “να είναι καλύτερος άνθρωπος από τον πατέρα του” in my chest. “My dad’s not great at communicating either, So we have that in common”…

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