#TheyAreHere – Fringe Fans Return En Masse to Twitter to Support Premiere

Since the renewal announcement for a final season of Fringe, the Fringenuity team discussed the social media campaigns and how to proceed for the last season. We definitely wanted to continue to show our support for Fringe. However, we also … Continue reading

Season 5 is almost here – Icon Packs for Sept 28th tweetout

Fringies, I know you’ve all been incredibly patient and excited for the Season 5 premiere. What better way to celebrate the show by sporting an icon for the twitter event #.TheyAreHere? If you’ve been reading our posts, you know that … Continue reading

We Were Warned — They Are Here — Fringe Premiere Twitter Event

Previously, on Morethanoneofeverything.net… Earlier this year, things were looking pretty hopeless for the future of Fringe. Who would have thought at that point what the future would hold: Just a little more than a week until the start of season … Continue reading